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Scary Stories that Actually Happened

Eek! A ghost!

Scary Story today: Have you lost your marbles?

I was at Alexandra's house one time and we had been watching TV for so long that we were bored of it. We were on her bed thinking about what to do and it was too dark outside to go outside to the hill or the old barn or anything. While we were sitting onher bed, we started to hear a sound. It was coming from right outside her window and it sounded like somone flicking marbles against the window. She's the only kid in her holler. There's only Maisy, who's her grandma, her and her mom. So who could be outside flicking marbles? We looked out her window but it was too dark to see anything. It sounded like there was marbles hitting her window and falling on the grass! The next morning when Carolyn was mowing the lawn outside Alexandra's window, marbles got caught in the mower! It was real marbles too. We saw them. We were so scared that we stayed away from her window all day.

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